E-mail marketing

Keeping in touch with your clients and constituents is vital to the health of your organization. enveo Smart E-mail Marketing is a great choice for e-mail marketing campaigns.

Ease of use and effectiveness are the keys to success with the enveoSmart E-mail Marketing system. This is an ideal solution for your electronic newsletters and e-mail blasts. As a total solution provider, we design your e-mail template to match your identity for maximum impact. We can manage your entire mailing program or you can do it yourself – the choice is yours!

enveo Smart E-mail Marketing offers you:

  • Easy management of content and subscriber lists with an intuitive interface
  • FREE distribution of five or less – this lets you test your campaign without worry
  • Pay as you go or monthly subscription payment options
  • Version testing of content and subject lines – send e-mails that you know have the best response
  • RSS to e-mail – Automatically send a newsletter when you update your website or blog.
  • Simple templating – use the easy template builder or use a custom designed template by our template design experts
  • No advertising or ‘powered by’ in the e-mail footer
  • Real time reports which show you open, click-through and forwarding rates – and much more – which allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Social media integration
  • Easily add a subscribe form on your web site
  • iPad app for new sign ups – great for trade shows.

For more information: ENVEO Smart E-mail Marketing