This is an article I wrote several years ago, but I think there’s value in bringing it to the front again. It had a lot of positive response.

1. Don’t Wait – Go For It

Plants will start to send up shoots as soon as they can. When planning your marketing, just do it! Don’t put it off any longer.

2. Plant in the Right Conditions
Plants need the right conditions to thrive, and those conditions are different for each kind of plant. Make sure you plant your marketing ideas in the right place with the right conditions for your business to ensure their successful growth.

3. Be Diligent
Weeds will choke out your favourite plants if given half a chance – and they quickly return. Make sure your marketing efforts are consistent and continual. You want your business to be on the top of your customer’s minds when they are ready to buy.

4. Adapt
Dandelions will start flowering low to the ground after you mow the lawn. They adapt to conditions. Similarly, your marketing plans must adapt to changing business conditions.

5. Be on the lookout for opportunities
Plants can take root in the most unlikely places. So, too, must you be ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

6. Look Good
The flowers that look the most robust are the ones that are more likely to be pollinated. Make sure you look good to your clients and prospects in everything you do.