Everybody is all aflutter over social media these days – blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a host of other bookmarking and sharing sites. For many, if not most businesses and organizations, it really is an effective way to engage your audience.

However, if you are already involved with social media, don’t think you can stop reading just yet. No longer is it a case of whether you are involved with social media, but if you do it with style. A consistent visual look to to everything you do is essential, right? We’ve certainly talked about that before. But does that consistency of your identity extend to you your social media outlets too? Do you still have the standard swirls and bluebird on your Twitter page or does it look like it belongs to your business or organization? Does your Facebook page look like any other Facebook page or YOUR Facebook page? It doesn’t matter how you communicate with your audience, make sure they know it’s from you.

By the way, what do your e-mails look like? I hope people can tell at a glance that the message came from your business or organization. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to use appropriate colours. Logos are optional, but there should be some style. Show you care about who you are.

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