When we first conceived this blog, we really wanted it to be a place to talk about marketing, not a sales platform. However, we have learned that we also need a place to let people know about new services and products from Imagine Creative Communications. The blog seems to be the best place to put this information out there because we we want to give you the chance to comment – are we on the right track, can we improve it or are we missing the point? You can’t do that with a news release.

So, here’s the first service update:

Imagine Creative Communications has offered e-mail marketing service for a while: Enveo Smart E-mail Marketing. It is a pay-as you go service, ideal for irregular mailings – less than once a month. Now, to meet the needs of clients with regular and higher volume mail programs, we are pleased to add monthly subscriber plans. Pricing is geared to the size of your mailing list. For more information go to the Enveo Marketing web site. What do you think? Join the conversation.