It’s official, this spring Google announced that it was changing its algorithm to give priority to websites that are mobile-friendly. And it makes sense. More than 50% of your web traffic is likely coming from a mobile device.

How do you know if your site is mobile-friendly? Google has a mobile-friendly test page where you can submit your website’s URL and it will let you know in a few seconds if it meets their criteria.


The easiest way to have a mobile-friendly website is for it to be responsive. That means the website will detect the browser’s window size and use a different layout for small screens — as in mobile devices — ensuring text isn’t too small to read and links aren’t too small to tap.

Even if ranking is not important for you, it’s good to give your visitors a positive experience when they visit your sit.

We began designing all of our websites to be responsive as of January 2013, so if we developed or re-designed to your website since then, it is mobile-friendly. If it’s older than that, you probably need to make the change.