Close your eyes and imagine you are in a house. Each room has been decorated differently. The first room you enter is decorated with white and yellow with bright blue and green accents and white furniture. What is the mood? Bright and fresh and summery. The next room is burgundy, hunter green and navy blue with dark wood furniture and brass fixtures. The mood shifts dramatically. It is masculine and the feeling of richness comes to mind. (You can open your eyes now.)

Our response to colour is visceral – very basic. It has been shown that different colours and combinations create different moods and feelings. It is no accident that home improvement giant Home Depot has an orange logo. It is a colour of friendliness and energy. Muted colours tend to be more upscale. The financial services company Edward Jones uses deep green or black. It gives you the feeling of wealth and trust.

What are the colours in your logo and identity saying? Do they look friendly or sombre, cheap-and-cheerful or upscale and wealthy? More importantly, do they accurately reflect the nature of your business?