My son has been researching associations for work and, based on an e-mail he sent me, he has clearly hit upon a few irritating sites. This two-minute test is the result of his frustration with navigating them – and it’s a good one. When I read it, I had to smile, knowing the truth about how difficult it can be out there. It was a problem of site navigation that led me to nominate Fido for the best and worst. I knew I had to share this test with you (with his permission).

Here’s my criteria for the ideal association or nonprofit web site:

Within 2 minutes, the user should be able to locate:

  • contact information (e-mail, mailing address, physical address, phone/fax)
  • board of directors
  • key staff
  • membership/donation forms (if applicable)
  • mission statement

Without having to:

  • download newsletters or annual reports
  • switch browsers
  • switch operating systems
  • frantically turn off speakers

Bonus points for:

  • consolidation of information (i.e., staff and board information on the same page)

Seems like a fair criteria to me.

— Well said, son!