Three years ago, I proclaimed Fido Communications as “the Best of 2005” for their well laid out and appealing materials. I even described the user manual as something I wanted to read.

It appears the adorable pooches of yesteryear have become guard dogs.

Recently I had the need to research wireless high-speed internet services. I went to the Fido web site for three reasons. First, I was so impressed with them in the past. Second, I am a customer. Third, I received something in the mail about the service. I pointed my favourite browser to their site and, Bam! What a shock. The gentle, light-hearted domain of the dogs has been replaced with bold, bright yellow and black graphics. I wondered if this was the right place, it was so different. (A few cute dogs are still there, though. Phew!) This is the “New” Fido’s new look. After the initial shock, I considered the merits of the look. In spite of it jarring me, it certainly has that cheap and cheerful feel. Considering the bargain basement prices the home page is promoting, this seems appropriate.  But I don’t know if it fills me with confidence. Anyway, I had to look for the information on that wireless service…

Hmmm. No mention of it on the home page. Odd, they were promoting it through direct mail, why isn’t it front and centre here? After a lot of hunting, I found information under “Ringtones & More”. Huh? I’m still shaking my head over that one.

Once I found the part of the site with the information, I learned the modem is free with a new plan. Great. But, since I already have a phone with a plan through them, what is my status to add this service? If I don’t qualify as ‘new’, how much is the modem? The site is strictly mum on the topic. In my attempt to find out the answers to my questions, I ended up on the iPhone page. I still don’t know how I got there. Maybe if I were to call and talk to a salesperson, they could tell me. But I couldn’t find a telephone number! Eventually I found it buried in the middle of the page in rather small type. That’s just bad.

Alas, most wireless providers in this part of the world seem to have confusing sites. However, the New Fido site takes the cake – er, doggie treat!

Roll over, Fido. Play dead.